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An innovative approach to supplementation allowed us to create patented brands:

Uridine belongs to the group of pyrimidine nucleotides, which are ingredients of nucleic acids. It is made of uracil, nitrogenous basis and ribose. Uridine is associated with maintaining body homeostasis

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Colostrum bovinum, Natural product
Colostrum bovinum

Xenico’s Colostrum bovinum is a preparation containing the highest quality bovine colostrum, providing highly bioavailable nutrients and a range of immune-active compounds to strengthen the immune system. The use of

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Berberine – definition

Berberine is an isoquinoline alkaloid belonging to plants of the barberry family. The berberine content of the leaves and root of barberry (B. vulgaris) is 1.5-2%. In

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Ginseng (Panax ginseng)

Ginseng (Panax ginseng) – definition

Panax ginseng, or proper ginseng or Korean ginseng, has long been used, particularly in Chinese medicine, as an adaptogen to aid in the treatment or

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American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius)

American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) – definition

American ginseng, as the name suggests, is grown in the United States and Canada and is one of the most commonly used types of

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Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus)

Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) – definition

Siberian ginseng is a shrub that grows in East Asia, Japan, China, Korea and Siberia. It is an adaptogen that has been used by

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Bergamot – not only the scent of Earl Gray tea

The bergamot orange (Citrus bergamium) is believed to have originated in India, but is mainly grown in Italy. The tree up to 5 m tall, it has a wide crown

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Xenico has deep in its DNA the search for the best and healthiest solutions for its clients. We chose softgel capsules because they ensure high absorption and bioavailability. Soft capsules are an excellent solution because they are completely neutral to the human body. Thanks to this, we can reduce the use of excipients. The most important advantage of softgel capsules is their hermeticity, which provides maximum protection of the active substances contained inside them against the harmful effects of external factors.

Xenico experts are still looking for the best and healthiest solutions. An innovative outlook on modern naturotherapy and supplementation requires us to keep abreast of the latest scientific research and technological developments. International trade fairs, scientific conferences or thematic conventions - we appear wherever up-to-date knowledge can further assist in the development of Xenico products.
Vcaps® capsules are first-generation vegetarian capsules that meet the needs of a wide range of health-conscious consumers. With their kosher and halal KO and OU certifications, as well as their Vegetarian and Vegan Action Society certification, they are an attractive way to accommodate the preferences of an important, growing group of supplement users who indicate that a vegetarian source is important in their decision-making process. Capsugel® Vcaps® capsules do not contain GMOs, are gluten-free and free of preservatives – the product has a clean label.
Verified and confirmed by purchase opinions on the website of the leader of the e-commerce industry in Poland Ceneo.pl

My doctor suggested that I switch from my current preparation to Menachinox K2D3. Since then, my results have been great, I’m very satisfied. In good conscience, I recommend the Menachinox product series to everyone!!!

person danag63

Good quality product, DR caps tablets would be useful for better protection against stomach acid.

person a...k

Super, for quick replenishment of elements needed by the body

person d...s

Monacolin works, after 3 months of taking it I did a check-up and my bad cholesterol levels have reduced very significantly. I took 3 capsules a day. I recommend it.

person emka757473

I recommend it, good taste, natural composition

person Marianna

Very good price, good effectiveness

person Karol

I have been using for a long time and this product is highly recommended, you changed from a more expensive one and the tests only after that showed a very high vitamin D score (over 50)

person pmarcin870

I recommend it. I haven’t found a cheaper offer and shipping is also express.

person o...6

great, distinctive flavour of the tablet

person Marek

Bergamil was prescribed by my GP, after a month of use my cholesterol started to return to normal, I am very satisfied and recommend it in good conscience

person Karol

Very high quality, helps concentration, I highly recommend it

person Karol

Super that there’s organic potassium, it’s worth using natural products, I recommend it

person Arleta

Very good quality zinc, highly recommended

person ANIELKA

I am buying another pack of vit.K2 to supplement of D3. For me, the best price and form of this vitamin on the market. I recommend it

person Aga

I searched for a long time for something that would meet my expectations, Solgar Hair Skin was recommended to me and it was fine, and then I found its improved version from Xenico, the same composition, plus in a capsule which I find easier to swallow. Hair is visibly stronger and full of shine

person Michalina

I recommend it, super probiotic, I used it for antibiotics and abdominal pains

person Angelika

High quality, good value for money, I recommend it to all

person p...0

I recommend it, great quality, good price, good effectiveness

person Karol

I recommend it, very good natural calcium at a super price

person Karol

After 2 months of use I can feel a significant difference in the performance of my joints, I recommend it, it’s a really good product

person Karol

I switched from Lipiforma and I’m happy, better price and I think it’s more effective, I feel good and my cholesterol has dropped by half

person Angelika

at my age the use of this type of preparation is necessary – in addition I am a vegetarian, so this is a product made for me… I recommend it with all my ever-healthier heart !!!

person Janina

The first ginseng after which I feel good, it is of very high quality that you can see, I recommend it

person Michalina

Very good electrolytes

person Pim

I use prophylactically all year round, in winter I increase the dose to 4000 units, the Xenivit line meets my expectations 100%.

person Renata

Super hydration product – I recommend it

person r...a

A very good product at an attractive price. I recommend it

person n...a

I recommend it, high quality, cramps were gone after a week of use

person m...h

Best B Complex vitamin, good price for 3 months

person Karol

I recommend it to everyone, an effective product for joint pains

person m...h

I recommend it, significant improvement in immunity, nice that it’s natural

person Karol

very effective product for reducing bad cholesterol levels, I have been taking it for many years

person m...h

I recommend it, the first B Complex vitamin I am satisfied with and feel a difference in my well-being

person Lilia

since using Natiflex I can finally get back to what I love – walking…

person Stefan

Now we only use this, my ailing mother feels better after it, sometimes it replaces a pain pill, safe product, I even take a whole blister in times of need

person t...a

I have finally found electrolytes that both taste great and I recover from them! I recommend it!

person Angelika

I have been supplementing Omega3 for years because it is an essential part of every athlete’s diet. Omega3 from Xenico is top quality at a good price!

person Kamilek

I buy this vitamin c for children. It is absorbed quickly and has a very good taste that also appeals to children.

person Marzena

I am using it for the umpteenth time… I recommend it to people with high cholesterol and sugar problems. It works and that is why I have ordered more packs. I recommend it

person m...2

Nice capsule, easy to swallow and Vitamin with very good oil. I recommend it

person Renata

Great quality, good price, I recommend Selenium from Xenico

person Amarena

the product meets my expectations 100%, I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone

person Jowita

the best I have taken, recommended by the lady in the pharmacy.
my mood, skin and probably even my knee have improved a lot, and I am hardly sick at all

person Mer

The lady in the herbal shop recommended it to me, much cheaper than what I was taking before, also freeze-dried bovinum in a plant-based capsule. I am satisfied.

person Mer

It meets my expectations.

person Antoni

I recommend this probiotic, high quality

person Marianna

a great product for people who want to take care of their health and appearance – I RECOMMEND IT

person Jan1

I recommend it, very high quality, trustworthy company

person Karol

Very high quality, good price, high efficiency

person Karol

a really effective preparation and at a very good price.

person Jarek

I recommend it, best vitamin D, good price

person Angelika

after just one week of use, you will feel less tired and in a better mood:)) the unusual plant-based capsule is also worth mentioning! BIG PLUS

person Justynka

I have a neurologist in my family who recommended that I buy this product – I trusted him and I am satisfied

person Eliza

I was looking for a good vitamin C at a good price, a pharmacist friend recommended Xenivit Bio C1000 to me – it was a great choice, I will definitely order more for my family!!!!

person Jolanta

A pharmacist at a nearby pharmacy recommended Menachinox to me because I needed a good Vitamin K2 in a high dose – I was not disappointed, great

person Jowita

I have finally found an electrolyte that tastes good and feels good!

person Angelika

when choosing products, I always use those that are made for vegans, so I’m glad this product was created!!!

person Ewa

I recommend it

person Użytkownik

one of the few magnesium preparations that works for me – extra

person Jaca

Tasty and effective lozenges for everyone who wants to take care of themselves

person Eliza

I switched from capsules and I am satisfied, convenient dosage with a teaspoon included in the package, plus a few zlotys in my pocket

person NorbertoWWA

I have been using for a few weeks and have measured my cholesterol, it has dropped and significantly, the doctor is also satisfied. I recommend natural solutions to everyone

person Michalina

I recommend it, my cramps are gone, good taste, I always take in a water bottle

person Karol
All Xenico products are continuously tested for quality as well as quantity.

Tested and verified European suppliers of raw materials and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) production guarantee the highest product quality. We want our preparations to be 100% safe.

Transparency at every stage of product development is standard at Xenico.
Quality confirmed by accredited laboratories
As a company, we have a real impact in many areas. We feel responsible for our employees, customers and business partners, as well as for the local community and the natural environment. In these areas, we implement a number of initiatives and long-term projects.
All Xenico products are designed with the health of people and the planet in mind.

Eco-friendly solutions allow us to live in harmony with the nature around us and allow us to reduce the carbon footprint in the production of Xenico preparations.

Natural, organic and often patented raw materials are Xenico's hallmark. They are complemented by patented plant-based V-Caps capsules.

Cartons manufactured from natural materials and ecological varnishes with environmental management standards DEKRA ISO14001, the FSC responsible forest management label and ISO 12647-2, ISO 9001 and ISO45001.

The jars and caps, including the label, are biodegradable and compostable, manufactured to ISO14001 and ISO9001 standards and certified by the National Institute of Medicines and Environmental Management.

The packages sent are filled with 100% biodegradable airbags, in reusable cardboard boxes.
  • No preservatives
  • No colouring agents
  • No gluten
  • No GMO
  • No lactose and casein
and professionalism
We respond to the needs of patients
Involvement in the medical and pharmaceutical industry
A highly qualified team of specialists