Bergamot extract and red rice monacolin – a perfect duo in the fight against cholesterol. Hypercholesterolaemia, or elevated blood cholesterol levels, is one of the most important risk factors for the development of cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease, in turn, is currently the leading cause of death worldwide. In this condition, atherosclerotic plaque formation occurs due to an ongoing inflammatory process in the endothelial vessel wall, which is associated with the retention of low-density lipoproteins (LDL).
A meta-analysis on the comparative effects of nutraceuticals on lipid profile in adults, considering a total of 131 studies, concluded that red yeast rice and bergamot appear to be the most effective nutraceuticals in terms of lowering LDL-C and total cholesterol. Both monacolin K and bergamot extract inhibit cholesterol synthesis in the liver, via inhibition of the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase. In addition, bergamot has many other properties that help combat risk factors for cardiovascular events.

The innovative Monolipid K Forte and Plus and Monolipid K with Coenzyme Q10 will allow you to take care of your cholesterol naturally and strengthen your circulatory system.

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